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Stated Income Loan Programs

When you have a deal that can’t close because your buyer is struggling to get a loan, we can help. We offer niche STATED INCOME loan programs for SMALL BALANCE COMMERCIAL and residential investment real estate transactions, from $100,000 to $6,000,000.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

We love working with real estate agents and their clients.

The EASIEST Way For Your Buyers to Get a Loan!

Capital Financial Global makes it easy for your buyers and sellers to get financing for your real estate deal.

  • Simple 2-page application
  • Paystubs NOT REQUIRED
  • Financial statements NOT REQUIRED
  • Personal financial statements NOT REQUIRED
  • Emphasis is placed on the property appraisal.

Yes! It’s that easy!

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Submit a Borrower Referral

If you include the borrower information we’ll contact them directly, or just send us your information and we’ll contact you about the scenario.

If you prefer, call us at:  (801) 747-2000 and we’ll talk through your scenario.