SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(GlobeNewsWire–July 17, 2020) – Capital Financial Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: CFGX), announced today that it has rescinded its merger with Affiliated Funding Corporation and is exiting the invoice factoring business to avoid potential losses and market risk associated with the economic impact of COVID-19.

“What began as an incredibly good opportunity in invoice factoring quickly began to look like we were walking straight into an economic trap,” said Paul Edward Norat, CEO of Capital Financial Global. “By unwinding the merger with AFC and getting out of the invoice factoring business this early we truly believe we are dodging a bullet.”

“We are only now beginning to see the true economic effects of COVID-19 as it ripples through multiple layers of overlapping industries and throughout vertically integrated value chains,” continued Mr. Norat. “We do not want to be holding invoices receivable on businesses that are themselves holding invoices receivable, on yet more businesses that are in turn holding even more invoices receivable, and so on. It is a cycle that we do not want to get caught-up in. We do not want to become bogged down in collections and loss mitigation. This is our chance to rip the band-aid off and walk away relatively unscathed and move on to greener pastures while we still can.”

“The short-term objective for us now is to refocus on our core real estate lending activities where sub-pockets of opportunities are still available, despite COVID-19,” continued Mr. Norat.

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Capital Financial Global, Inc. (CFGX) is a specialty finance company that offers asset-backed financing and loan advisory services.

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Unlike traditional banking models, CFGX offers organizations needed liquidity by using an asset-backed approach rather than a traditional credit approach to originating new loans, buying and selling existing loans, and converting distressed collateral into cash or trade-able form.

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We seek revenue from loan fees, interest rate spreads on loans and investments we hold, and margins on loans and investments we sell in whole or in part to institutional investors, hedge funds, or other secondary market participants. We also seek revenue by charging loan servicing fees, and fees for other finance related consulting engagements.

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