CEO Update: Operational Update Delayed

Dear Shareholders:

You may have noticed that I pulled our Q2 2014 “Quarterly Report” down from the OTC Online Disclosure Portal today because we have found some disclosure inadequacies that we need to address immediately–nothing major, but now that we know about it we can’t allow it to go even for another day.

Unfortunately, this means my press release schedule regarding an operational update is now going to have to take a back seat for a few more days until we can sit down with our legal counsel and accounting staff and get some appropriate disclosure enhancements put together for our second quarter filings. A lot has happened in the last several months, so we simply cannot do more press and have people trading on top of inadequate disclosures.

I know there is a lot of buzz out there regarding press this week, and I know this delay will cause some frustration to short-term traders, but it’s for the long-term greater good of the company that we take a step back for a few days.

As soon as this is worked out I will be sending a series of operational updates on all the key areas of the business. I am very excited about what is in store and I hope long-term shareholders will be, too.

Stay tuned.


Paul Edward Norat, CEO
Capital Financial Global, Inc.

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