CEO Update: Off-Take Agreement, Noble Metal Kings

Dear Shareholders:

I had a meeting with the Mr. Laman Milner over the weekend to discuss the status of our Off-Take Agreement and the progress Noble Metal Kings is making in bringing its mining project into full-scale operation.

Mr. Milner represented to me that, although they are way behind schedule, Noble Metal Kings has every intention of performing its end of the Off-Take Agreement and that they will have the ability to do so. Therefore, all we can do is rely on that.

Now that they have validated the existence of gold on the mining site (as I’ve posted previously), Mr. Milner reported to me that Noble Metal Kings is forming a strategic alliance with a larger mining operator that has the equipment and capital that will be necessary to conduct a full-scale, high volume placer operation on the property, and all the targeting and testing and that will precede it.

Mr. Milner reported that, because the formation of this strategic alliance is imminent, he intentionally allowed the MSHA Mine ID listing to lapse to abandoned status because the ID will be operated in another entity name. Mr. Milner stated that he will forward on the new Mine ID and permit information to me as soon as it is available.

I was not given a specific time frame for the developments described by Mr. Milner, other than “as soon as possible.” That means we’ll just have to wait until such time that Noble Metal Kings is able to produce the gold required by the Off-Take Agreement.

In the meantime, so we don’t have all of our eggs in one basket, we will continue working on the development of our other business units (I’ll be providing some exciting updates related to those, soon).

As always, feel free to send me your questions. However, don’t expect answers to questions that need to be answered publicly, like “when are you going to announce _______?” or questions that involve things I can’t control, like “when is Noble Metal Kings going to produce gold?”

Thank you for your ongoing support, you won’t be sorry, in the long-run.


Paul Edward Norat, CEO
Capital Financial Global, Inc.



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