CEO Commentary: Off-Take Agreement

Capital Financial Global Receives Test-Run Quantities of Gold From Off-Take Agreement

Dear Shareholders:
I am happy to announce that last week I had a meeting with the principal of the company that we entered into the off-take agreement with. During that meeting he hand-delivered to me several vials of gold material derived from recent test-runs conducted at the mining property he is operating on. He stated that they are still testing various locations on the property to find the optimal spot to ramp-up on, and are still experimenting with various configurations of equipment to optimize output. In the meantime, to show good faith, he delivered to me these results derived from their testing activities. Although it hasn’t gone as quickly or smoothly as either one of us had hoped, I’ve found him to be nothing but a stand-up guy and I believe he’ll be very successful.

Here are some pictures taken during our meeting:


(Test-run quantities of gold: 1 large vile of nuggets; 4 small vials of flakes)

The delivery was made as part of the off-take agreement between Capital Financial Global and the mine operator. The agreement provides CFGX the right of first refusal to purchase any and all gold bearing material derived from the property.

As promised, I sent the material to Quantum Refiners, LLC in Atlanta, Ga, to be weighed, smelted, analyzed, and sold. Quantum’s final analysis showed the following:


This is a scanned image of the actual print-out:


Using the final analysis results, CFGX bought the material from the mine operator and then sold it to Quantum Refiners.

This is significant because it shows that our agreement with the mine operator is real and not dead. Not only that, it shows that the mining property does indeed have gold present on it.

That said, I want to set the record straight on a few things. The Off-Take Agreement between the mine operator and CFGX is arms-length, which means CFGX has nothing to do with the mine operator or the underlying land owner. Therefore, I can’t speak to: (1) the arrangement that exists between the mine operator and underlying land owner; (2) whether or not either one of them has a permit, or has made the proper arrangements with regulatory bodies; (3) whether either one of them has sufficient funding; (4) whether or not the property contains massive amounts of gold, or none at all; and (5) whether or not I’ll see another spec of gold from them, ever. All of these things are out of my control and I have no influence upon them. Therefore, I can’t make any representations regarding them; all I can do is make available to the public any and all information that becomes available to me.

All I can speak to is the fact that CFGX has an agreement that provides a right of first refusal to buy any and all of the gold production coming from the mine operator, on that property. I have officially and legally posted sufficient disclosures describing this arrangement for any investor to make an informed investment decision regarding our stock, especially as that decision may be influenced by this contract. Any speculation and conjecture asserting that I haven’t been honest and clear about this is simply untrue.

Also by way of disclosure, I personally own 50% of Quantum Refiners, LLC. I never intended it to work out that way, but it turned out to be good for CFGX because this gives me the ability to make sure any gold related production that results from our business model will go to Quantum Refiners to be smelted, refined, and sold. This way I can make sure Quantum pays its obligations to CFGX, which amounts to more than $5 million.

I remain very optimistic about this opportunity, about the mine operator, and about the abilities of its principals. I believe that in the long-run this off-take agreement will provide value for the company. However, disclosure requirements require me to hedge that statement with “it’s only my belief,” and “I can’t prove it,” and “who knows if it will work out,” and “invest at your own risk,” and “read my posted disclosures yourself,” and “do your own due diligence,” and the like. Nevertheless, I believe in it—otherwise I wouldn’t be wasting my time, and I’m certainly not going to make any decent money unless it works out. So I’m at risk, too, and therefore, our interests are aligned.

I would be happy to answer questions that are sent to our investor relations email account at:

Thanks for your ongoing patience and support!


Paul Edward Norat, CEO
Capital Financial Global, Inc.

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