CEO Commentary: Disclosures & Comments Related to Off-Take Agreement

Dear Shareholders:

I’ve received a number of inquiries related to the Off-Take Agreement we have in place with Noble Metal Kings, LLC. I will attempt to paraphrase them and answer them below.

Question: “Regulatory records suggest that the Doc Watson Mine is abandoned, how can CFGX legitimately claim it will get any gold from there?

Our Off-Take Agreement with Noble Metal Kings, LLC provides a first right of refusal to CFGX to buy any and all gold bearing material that is mined by Noble Metal Kings (not us), on a 4,000 acre piece of land, part of which is called the “Gold Remedy Mine.” Some of this land is BLM owned and some of it is privately owned. It’s up to Noble Metal Kings where they want to mine on this huge piece of earth, and since we have no say in that, we can only hope they are on the right spot–or spots.

All I know is Noble Metal Kings is using this ID below to do their mining activities. Now why it says “Goldilocks” as the mine I don’t know, although I’m told that is the name they wanted to ascribe to their activities. But, whether it’s the same place, or they started on one tract and then moved to the Gold Remedy Mine, I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter to our shareholders. It only matters that they produce gold and sell it to us.


I’m told they are in cooperation with another group that is actively mining and amassing equipment within the very same 4,000 acre piece of land that Noble Metal Kings is on. Here is their mine ID:

Capture_MSHA_White Water

This is a fairly large operation and anyone can drive down there to see it and kick the tires on the excavators, if they want to. They explained to me today that they last filed as “idled” so they could save some fees while they accumulated equipment, but that they now have finished that, they are in the process of formally re-upping their filing status.

I only provide you this information as it comes to me as background and context to our Off-Take Agreement–not because it directly involves Capital Financial Global.

Question: “Why doesn’t CFGX have a mining ID?”

CFGX is not a mining company, we are an asset-based finance company. We don’t “mine” anything and have no intentions to mine or covert to a mining company–we are only trading the commodity (in this case, gold) by securing the simultaneous purchase and resale of it. We are not a “gold stock” company and are not holding ourselves out to be a gold play of any sort.

Question: “Why is a finance company doing a mining deal?”

The auspices for this transaction, as it relates to our finance model, is to prove-up our ability to buy and sell gold bearing material so we can originate loans based on mining production as the underlying collateral. This way, we will know that if we must take back this type of collateral we’ll be able to sell it to recover our funds. With that as the assumption, we felt like this deal had the added benefit of giving us a longer-term source of revenue, so we went with it. SAFE HARBOR DISCLAIMER: IT MAY NEVER PRODUCE PROFITS; DON’T BUY OUR STOCK BASED ON IT.

Question: “Who is doing the mining?”

Again, it doesn’t matter to us who does the actual mining, as long as it gets done–that is up to Noble Metal Kings whether they do it themselves or whether they have a subcontractor–I don’t say.  I am told that Noble Metal Kings is setting up their own operation, and have had the assistance of others operating nearby to help, for the time being.

However, I know as a fact that some of the small vial I purchased last week contained material actually pulled out of the ground by Noble Metal Kings, themselves. I also know as a fact that the large vial was pulled out of the ground by a contractor on Section 13 of the property identified in the technical report (which I’ve posted).

Here is what I am relying on for this:

Letter from Ralph Thompson

That is a signed letter from the gentleman who actually put his hands in the dirt and ran the material out of Section 13, at the Gold Remedy Mine. The large vial is shown again here for your convenience (see the previous blog post), below:


And I know as a fact that all of the above shown gold is indeed gold because it was sent by me directly to Quantum Refiners in Atlanta, Georgia, where it was smelted and assayed, as provided for your information and shown here below:


This is as close as it comes to proof that the subject property has gold on it and that our Off-Take Agreement with Noble Metal Kings is real, and has the potential to live up to what we’ve sent press releases about. Now whether or not it will actually produce the returns hoped is hereby disclaimed. But I believe it will.

Question: “Is this just a big scam?”

Of course not. The Gold Remedy Mine is real and actually has gold on it and I truly believe that Noble Metal Kings will indeed be successful in extracting gold from the property, and ultimately, CFGX will be successful in buying and selling that very gold as per its Off-Take Agreement with Noble Metal Kings.

I have issued a formal update on the status of this in my Operations Update issued on January 30, 2015, wherein I disclose the obvious fact that Noble Metal Kings was not able to produce gold in October, as expected, and they have not be able to produce the volume of material, to date,  that the agreement calls for. We are all disappointed in this, but we remain confident that this will change. These setbacks do not make any of this “fraud” or a “scam.”

If people don’t want to buy our penny stock on its merits as an investment, fine. But it’s not truthful to say it’s a scam. I would caution investors to make their own decisions and not rely on the bashers to condone or disapprove of their investments. It’s common sense to ask any “basher” if they own our stock–and if not, then why are they spending their time bashing stocks they don’t own or intend to own in the future? To save people? My opinion is that they are harming people by causing the stock to perform poorly. Have any of you made money from the bashers? Why do you tolerate them?

When stock goes up we all win, when it goes down only “shorters” with accounts in the offshore brokerage houses win (where it’s legal and happens everyday). It should seem obvious who is getting paid to bash our stock and why.

As a side note, we are gathering information sufficient to consider legal action for libel against offenders who are causing innocent shareholders in our stock to lose money based on their false accusations and lies.


Paul Edward Norat, CEO
Capital Financial Global, Inc.



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