CEO Commentary

Dear Shareholders:

I received an inquiry from a concerned shareholder wondering when we will be posting updates. Here is my verbatim reply, I thought it might be good for you all to see.

Dear [name redacted],

Thanks for keeping in touch. We are STILL working on the disclosures and Q3 filings. I spent several more hours yesterday with our corporate counsel going through some things related to past press releases, among other things.

Until our attorney and I finish with the disclosures, our accountant can’t finish the notes to the financial statements–so we’re all still waiting for this to happen.

Furthermore, as I’ve already stated publicly, our corporate counsel has forbidden me to keep sending out press and blog statements until he’s done. I keep tweeting out comments like “ETA next week” only to have things keep delaying on me. Since it’s out of my control, I’m now hesitant to say anything about that, either–thus the silence and delays.

Having said that, we’ll be done soon enough and then I’ll be able to start releasing news and developments again on a regular basis.

Thanks for your ongoing patience and support.


I’m happy to continue responding to respectful inquiries, within the constraints that I am presently under.


Paul Edward Norat, CEO
Capital Financial Global, Inc.

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